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Last night’s #abscbnball2019 was all about honoring the late Gina Lopez and her respectable work for Bantay Bata and our environment. I’ve always secretly admired her as well as Jane Goodall. I wish to be more like them. ❤️ Wearing a modern take on Filipiniana butterfly sleeves by my love, @markbumgarner. ✨ Styled by @lizzzuy @stylizedstudio Makeup by @mikkamarcaida Hair by @archiegilbero Skin by @theaiveeclinic & @nuessenceph Nails by @mimsqiu Jewelry @miladayjewels Clutch @carolinaherrera Photos by @andreabeldua and @previewph @studiotorio
Can’t take my eyes off you. 😚 #abscbnball2019 📸 @andreabeldua
BIG MOOD • Had the best time last night with my dashing date at the #abscbnball2019 but obviously nothing beats fries and tv 😋 Loved my beautiful dress by @markbumgarner ✨ Video by @litlabstudios Makeup by @mikkamarcaida Hair by @archiegilbero Skin by @theaiveeclinic & @nuessenceph Jewelry @miladayjewels Clutch @carolinaherrera Styled by @lizzzuy @stylizedstudio Nails by @mimsqiu Lashes
ABSCBN Ball ready with @nuessenceph collagen and glutathione. I’ve been taking these supplements for awhile now and been feeling good inside and out! I’ve always been obsessed with skincare and I believe in starting early with prevention and investing in your skin! ✨ So happy to introduce Nuessence to you which is 100% made in Japan. What I love about the glutathione supplement is that it has Mangosteen which has so many health benefits! Can’t wait for you to try both! #ABSCBNBall2019xNuEssence #BeyondBeautyWithNuEssence #RoadToAbscbnBall
Orange you glad? 🍊 wearing @samantha.richelle top 📸 by @charismalico