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My birthday is coming up and I wanted to do a @nuessenceph giveaway! Giving away 10 boxes Nuessence glutathione and collagen + a little surprise in the box! All you have to do is tag three friends on my comment box, like this post and follow @nuessenceph! Announcing winners on my stories! xx #nuessenceph
Last night @versace 🌹Welcome to MNL! #versaceph
A little throwback to slower days with the fam + Kai (not in this photo) 👶🏻 It’s officially grind time for us but couldn’t be more grateful. 🙏 Happy anniversary to our favorite home in HK, @upperhouse_hkg ❤️ #Our10YearJourney #TUHTurns10 #TheUpperHouse #SwireHotels #TheHouseCollective
Story of my life HAHAHAHA Happy first of October, Libras. ✨🦋💘 • photos by @charismalico styling by @danaevernisse makeup by @mikkamarcaida hair by @archiegilbero
Mood with @shairaluna 🖤
In between takes...we try on different hairstyles 🥰 @rjdelacruz @mikkamarcaida