It’s only April, but I feel like I am making the most of my summer so far! I’ve been on a couple of trips so far with my family and friends. It’s been wonderful, spending days just having good times together.

Part of what I love about the hot season is the fashion! It’s warm enough to be in a bikini all day. And as you may know, I have a lot! But summer fashion isn’t just about the swimmies, it’s also about dressing for the location and weather where you’re at.

While I think I have a handle on my personal style, I’ve found myself trying out some new things this summer, while also incorporating old style staples from my wardrobe. If you’re looking for a fresh dose of inspiration, here’s what I’m wearing this summer!

Bright swimwear

I’m probably just a little obsessed with my all my Boom Sason swimwear, but I love them so much! Most of my swimmies these days are one-color bikinis in striking colors, like blue, orange, or yellow. I feel like my beach photos look so much happier with the color choice! It’s really easy to find swimwear in single colors, and I truly believe there will be some colors that will show off your skin tone perfectly, whether you choose to tan or not!

Pops of white

Having a white element within your outfit makes you look a lot more clean and polished. I’m a huge fan of white linen and white cotton clothes, since they’re super lightweight and don’t hinder your movements. I especially love throwing on a pair of flowy white pants on top of my swimwear. It’s an instant outfit that’s ready from poolside to beachside. An added bonus is you can go crazy with a statement bag!

Unexpected pairings

You don’t need to shop for a whole new wardrobe for your summer getaways! Instead of the usual short shorts, I paired my swimsuit with this very loved printed skirt. I also borrowed one of Chard’s white polos to use as an easy, chic cover-up.

Tiny tops

I’ve always been a fan of the ubiquitous off-shoulder top. I think every woman looks more confident when they dare to show a little shoulder! This year, I’ve also added some crop tops to my arsenal, including these tie-front tops. They give you a nice shape, and look great when paired with flowy pants. I’m in love with this white crop top and linen bottoms set. The cut of the top is super flattering, but since the material is lightweight, it doesn’t feel like too much.

Gold hardware

No outfit is ever complete without a bit of bling. For summer wear, I tend to gravitate towards simple, classic pieces that don’t take too much away from the breezy feel of my daily wear. There are lots of online stores selling classic, delicate gold-plated and gold jewelry that would work with any outfit.

Don’t forget that you should finish each outfit with a healthy dose of sun protection, even if you don’t expect to be in the sun for very long. Keeping your skin and body healthy is a way for you to ensure you’ll enjoy the sunshine and the waves for much longer. 😉

Do you have other summer fashion staples I may have missed? Is there a fashion trend you are absolutely loving now? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂