I’ve got one big thing on my mind lately: weddings!

I feel a little giddy sharing it with you guys, but after the last few months of celebrating growing our little family, I’ve finally started mapping out what the big day will be like for Richard and me. 

Now before we all get too excited, I just want to clear that everything is still in the planning stages, and I’ve been looking at a lot of inspiration online for what the big day could be. 

They say that most girls have their wedding planned out since they were young. But there is so much going on now, from themes to colors, to picking our flowers, dress styles, venues, and more. When you’re in a big family, you’re no stranger to weddings, but it’s totally different once it’s you! 

For now, let’s just have a little bit of fun! I prepared a short quiz from some of the wedding inspiration articles and photos I’ve seen. What kind of wedding suits your personality? Maybe you can even help me decide. 😉 Let me know your answers in the comments below, or leave me a message on my Instagram! 


What kind of wedding suits your style? 


Pick a color: 

A. All the colors!
B. Red
C. Blue 


What’s one word your friends use to describe you?

A. Creative
B. Organized
C. Adventurous 


What’s the one thing that’s most important for you in a wedding?

A. The photo and video
B. The ambiance
C. The food


If money was no object, where would you like to go on your honeymoon?

A. New York
B. Japan
C. Maldives


Which celebrity bride do you relate with the most? 

A. Sophie Turner
B. Kate Middleton
C. Chrissy Teigen

Mostly A’s: Whimsical Wedding 

You’re probably the artsy one in your barkada! You gravitate towards the quirky but beautiful. Think colorful weddings, lovingly-made DIY details, and a fuss-free gown that you can dance in all night long. 

Mostly B’s: Classic Wedding 

You’ve dreamed of this day forever! Your ideal day is something akin to fairytale weddings, with the right amount of romance and class brought into your tastefully-decorated ballroom. You’re 100% sure that your groom is Prince Charming 

Mostly C’s: Destination Wedding 

Whether it’s by the beach or near the mountains, being away from the city has always been a wonderful experience for you and your partner. Now that you’re sealing the deal to forever, it’s only natural that you have a small, intimate wedding in an equally memorable place.