With Baby Kai coming along so soon, I know our family can’t wait to meet our newest bundle of joy. But with this bundle of joy comes a lot of changes, particularly the fact that Zion will now be a kuya!

For the longest time, Zion was our only child, and so he got all the love and attention we had. Baby Kai coming along means he won’t have that same amount of attention that he used to. It’s a known fact that in most instances, welcoming a new baby into the family means some adjustments with their siblings. They can feel resentment or feel left out. This is why throughout my pregnancy, I have been very mindful in making sure he feels just as loved as he always is.

Zion is really excited to meet his baby brother, but these past few months, I have made sure to spend time doing things he likes to do so that he has good memories of just us, before we inevitably get busy. I wrote about how I went to Hong Kong with him. It was just the two of us, and it was a lot of fun! But in case you don’t have an out-of-town trip planned yet, or if you want to do something that’s just perfect for one weekend, here are a whole bunch of toddler-approved bonding ideas that don’t include going to the mall.

Get in some special playtime.

I know it sounds like such a no-brainer, but it’s always a good idea to let your kids have some time to play at a playground or any other safe area that lets them just use their physical skills. They get to interact with other kids as well! So put down that iPad and head on over to places like Active Fun, where your toddler can have fun going down slides, climbing nets and more! If you don’t have a play place near you, just visit any park or green space with a playground for hours of enjoyment.

Learn something new at a museum.

Museums that are toddler-approved don’t mean those with paintings and statues that they won’t appreciate just yet. Instead, visit places which allow them to explore the world through interactive exhibits and installations! One good place to visit is The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City. It’s a place that makes learning so much fun. As much as it’s great for kids to explore hands-on lessons on topics like astronomy, history, and science, it’s also fun for adults! More options include Museo Pambata, the National Planetarium, and Art in Island. Visit places where they can touch and see things up-close.

Discover a new hobby together.

At this point, you can already tell that your toddler is more inclined to certain interests than others. If he loves to paint and draw, why not attend an art class as a family? If he’s sporty, how about kicking around a ball at the park with other friends and relatives? If he loves books, why not attend a read-along, or spend some time at a bookstore? Supporting your toddler’s interests, whatever it may be, is a great way to let him shine and gain confidence, all while creating great memories as a family.

Cook or bake something yummy.

The most special thing about being this age is that Zion is learning so much about the world for himself. Cooking is another way for him to learn how he can put things together in a certain order to produce something tasty! Not only does it give him more awareness about how stuff as simple as cupcakes are made, but giving him tasks in the kitchen (or even at home) makes him more responsible. One more toddler-approved part about baking, in particular, is being able to use their creativity and decorate the finished goods! Icing and sprinkles galore!

Go to the beach.

My family absolutely loves visiting the beach. It’s a place where we just get to bond without worry about what’s happening back home. While there are the usual activities we don’t miss out on, like diving, the beach is a playground for toddlers. Imagine, a giant sandbox! Zion can make sandcastles, run around (a safe distance from the shore), wade in the shallow areas with us, and more.

I am sure there are so many more activities that you can do together. It’s a good idea to just mix it up once in a while so that your toddler is getting the most out of your bonding activities too. Whether you’re expecting an addition in the family, or just want to show your child how much you love them, I hope these ideas work for you. If you have more to share, let me know in the comments below!