I’ve shared so much with all of you how my experience being pregnant this time was different from the first time. Being pregnant with Kai was a little different as we pretty much knew what to expect. In other aspects though, there were things that pretty much stayed the same, especially when it came to post-pregnancy recovery.

While I was pregnant, there were so many things that made it easier: gadgets, products, apps, and the like. Now, for the most part, I am relying on more natural things to help me get through the postpartum recovery period. If you’re a momma who’s so pregnant and wondering how she’s going to get through once the baby arrives, here are some things that are really helping me out.

High-fiber foods

things that helped me post-pregnancy

Doctors will recommend that you load up on nutritious, whole foods for a variety of reasons. Eating these types of food will help you shed the baby weight faster since you won’t always be able to go back to regular exercise immediately. They also have nutrients that will help you be more mentally alert. You cannot just go back to an old diet immediately. Take care to consume more high-fiber food like beans, fresh veggies, and whole grains. Moms also deal with postpartum constipation, so adjusting your diet slightly to include these will help you be more regular.


things that helped me post-pregnancy

I know, I know. You’ve probably heard so many moms laud the benefits of breastfeeding, but I’m honestly a believer! Of course, it goes without saying that breastfeeding has the most benefits for your baby. They get longer-term protection from the nutrients in breastmilk. Babies who are breastfed are less prone to common illnesses like colds. They also develop stronger bones, have a healthier weight, and have a better immune system.

Moms benefit from breastfeeding, too! It speeds up postpartum healing, helps contract the uterus, helps in shedding excess baby weight, and promotes overall emotional health. Breastfeeding also helps you create a better bond with your baby. Eating more malunggay or taking malunggay supplements a few weeks before giving birth can kick-start the production of breastmilk. I took VPharma’s Mega Malunggay capsules, in particular. This worked for me personally, but again we are all different. If you are a mom who, for some reason, cannot breastfeed, then you shouldn’t lose sleep over it.

Sitz baths

things that helped me post-pregnancy

A sitz bath is a warm, shallow bath wherein only your hips and butt are submerged. After giving birth, everything can feel loose and sore down there. Your vaginal stitches will need healing. Having sitz baths cleanses the entire genital area and encourages blood flow to promote healing. It can also relieve itching and irritation that can happen. You can have a sitz bath with plain warm water, or you can add salt or iodine for better cleansing. You can simply fill up a clean bathtub or large basin with water to do this. This has been helping me feel a little less sore so that I can move around better.

Cord Life Banking

There has been a lot of talk about the benefits of umbilical cord blood in recent years. Stem cells found in both the umbilical cord and lining have a number of benefits. Banking them right after giving birth means that in the future, if your child or other family members contract certain diseases, they will have more treatment options available through stem cell therapy. Take note though, that the collection of the umbilical cord blood and lining must be done at birth, so if you want to consider doing this, make necessary preparations ahead. For more information on this, you can check out Cord Life Philippines.

Support from friends and family

Motherhood is no walk in the park. From pregnancy to birth to post-pregnancy, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I am getting by with so much help from my loving family. Chard has been wonderful in helping me out in managing the house. He takes care of Zion when I’m preoccupied with Kai, and he helps in caring for Kai, too. My parents and Chard’s parents come over most of the time to spend time with us and help out. It means the world that we have great friends, family, and fans who let us know of their support during this time.