There comes a point in every pregnant woman’s life that they feel so incredibly big, they can’t wait to get the baby out already! If everything goes well, at about 37 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, you should be expecting the baby to arrive anytime soon. This is unless you have a special agreement with your doctor to be induced.

So when you feel so impatient as I did when I just wanted Kai out of my tummy, there are a lot of natural things you can do to help move along the process. In fact, your mommy friends and relatives may even have some suggestions. Don’t be too quick to dismiss them as old wives’ tales! Some of these natural methods do work! Here are a few that worked for me.

Moderate exercise

things that help induce labor

Researchers have found that regular exercise that includes squats can help open your pelvis by up to 28%. This doesn’t sound like much, but it can make a difference in the ease you have in pushing out your baby when the time comes.

Birthing ball

When you exercise specifically with a birthing ball, you also get those pelvis-opening benefits. Bouncing on a birthing ball when you are in the early stages of labor also helps with bringing your baby into a better position to prepare them for the birth.


things that help induce labor

I get it. When you feel so big and uncomfortable, and anticipating the pain of contractions, you really want to just lie in bed. But you are likely to hear from your doctor that you should walk if you want to try to get labor started. This helps bounce the baby downward into the birth canal. You can also try walking up and down the stairs.


things that help induce labor

This sounds weird, but stay with me for a minute! I read that raw pineapple has enzymes that soften your cervix and stimulate your stomach. Hence, it can get labor going. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution though! While there’s no harm in trying it out, some moms may not get any results from this, no matter how much pineapple they consume.

Spicy Food

Much like the effect you get from pineapples, spicy food can jumpstart labor because it disrupts your digestive system. Adding chilies or hot sauce in soups and sauces can help speed this up. It’s not recommended to do this if you have a very sensitive stomach, though.


things that help induce labor

Being in the water can help kickstart labor as well. An alternative is sitting in a warm bath. In fact, warm baths can also help you manage the pain of contractions. If your hospital room has a tub available, it can help you with dealing with the pain of a normal delivery.

I’m pretty sure there are way more than these because every woman is built differently. If you’ve been in my shoes, I’d love to hear about the stuff you did to speed up labor when you were pregnant! Let me know in the comments. 🙂