Most people say that the last thing you should put on to make an outfit complete is jewelry. While I love a pretty trinket, I don’t believe that accessories complete your look. It’s your perfume.

There are times when someone would walk into a room and you would get a whiff of their perfume before you even turn your head to see them. Their scent will often match their personality!

The more I think about it, the more I realize how we associate perfumes and colognes with memories. Do you remember what your mom’s perfume smelled like when you would bury your head in her shoulder when you were little? Do you remember the smell of your dad’s aftershave or cologne that he would spritz on just before he left for work in the mornings? What about the comforting smell from freshly-laundered sheets on your bed?

Having that signature scent for yourself is something that’s not exactly necessary, but it feels good when you take the time and the care to do so. It’s quite personal when you think about it.It may take some trial and error before you settle on something you feel fits you. After all, there are so many scents, ranging from musky to floral, from fruity to clean. In my case, I have a bunch that I keep going back to time and again. Here are the scents I love to wear:

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede

Jo Malone has a huge variety of good quality perfumes. You are sure to find something that you would love from their range. I have been using this particular one for years now, and I always get compliments when I do. Jo Malone has some of the most irresistible scents, and some of them are even available in candles, diffusers, and home sprays.

Baby Bench Colonia in Bubble Gum

Surprised to see this scent on this list? I don’t mind wearing colognes on some days. They don’t have the staying power of perfumes, but they’re perfect for something to wear daily. I actually love the Ice Mint fragrance as well. Signature scents don’t need to be expensive at all; you just have to like them. 🙂 Bench has a lot of affordable fragrances you can try out.

Louis Vuitton Dans La Peau

This is a recent addition to my perfume rotation. I’ve recently taken a liking to it during our Europe trip when they first launched the perfumes in this line. This has notes of jasmine, musk, and apricot. The bottle is actually very simple when you compare it to others, but it’s a wonderful, simple scent.

Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Soleil Blanc is quite different from all the other floral fragrances I have on my dresser. It’s a little bit more unexpected; more sultry and strong. Like any outfit, it’s good to change up your style once in a while and this is what I feel about this perfume.

Forever and Ever Dior

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Мое Признание в любви Forever and Ever Dior🌸 . “На веки вечные” … аромат о чистой любви и преданности. Аромат, идеально подходящий для самого важного торжества в жизни…. Элегантный, прозрачный, акварельный, сдержанный и абсолютно уместный 🙏🏻 . Верхние ноты: белая фрезия, водяной жасмин, плющ. Средние ноты: Цветок миндаля, роза, герань. Базовые ноты: мускус, ваниль, мускатный орех. . Аромат настолько нежен, свеж, чист, что я могу без сомнения назвать его моим « парфюмерным Я» , он откликается в моей душе! Именно этот флакон и версия аромата вышли в 2011 году, а узнала я о нем в ноябре 2017, от блогера @nikkoko8 ( Вероника, большое спасибо!) , посмотрев случайно обзор. Поэтому считаю необходимеым поделиться с Вами своей любовью к нему, порекомендовать … вдруг и Вы найдёте в нем абсолютно «свой аромат». . Forever and ever может быть отличным подарком для мамы, сестры, да любой девушке его будет приятно получить 😻 Вот так сумбурно описала , но от души, послушайте его при возможности 🤗 #yulyaakhmetovabeauty

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This pretty pink bottle has been a staple on my dresser for years and years. Made with freesia, jasmine, and Bulgarian roses, it’s a very feminine and delicate scent that’s perfect for special occasions.

Jo Malone Star Magnolia

Sometimes you can layer your fragrances to create your own signature perfume! I like to mix this with the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede to be a little extra!

More than price or brand, always consider whether you truly love a scent or not. I think that a lot of perfumes are really hyped nowadays and some people buy them without considering if they would fall in love with them too. Perfumes can react differently on you depending on your body chemistry, so sometimes it won’t smell the same on you as it does on someone else.

So when you decide to hunt for your signature scent, don’t be shy to use the testers or ask for samples. A good tip is to spray a bit on your wrist or the crook of your elbow, then go about your day and check how it smells after an hour or two. If you still like it, then it’s a contender.

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