It blows my mind sometimes that I’m a mother of two darling kids. Zion is five years old now, and Kai’s about to turn one in just a few weeks! Part of me has been so awed by their growth and development, but part of me wants to keep them my babies forever!

I love how my two boys are best friends. Whenever Zion’s around Kai, you can see Kai’s eyes light up and his big smile go even wider! 🙂 They love being together.

Zion has so many hobbies right now. When he’s not at school, or playing with his friends and cousins, he’s reading. I love that Zion loves to read books. We try to have bedtime stories together. His favorite books right now are the Mr. Men and Dr. Seuss ones. Yup, the same ones we grew up with! These are such classics; I’m glad he’s enjoying them.

We do allow Zion monitored screen time. By that, I mean, we make sure that an adult is watching over him when he’s on the tablet or in front of television. It’s important that he watches shows that are appropriate for his age and quite educational. One of our favorite shows on YouTube Kids is the BBC-produced cartoon series called Octonauts. It’s a fun educational show about marine life. I know screen time can be a big issue in this day and age which is why we need to be extra careful with what our kids are watching and limit as necessary. I would like to make sure that he gets time to play outside with his friends and cousins.

Zion’s also really into football now! You’ve probably seen me post some stories of him on the field in his little jersey. It’s always good for kids to get into sports, to help them stay active and make friends.

Football for kids, in particular, helps them learn integral values like discipline, teamwork, and enhancement of agility. Yes, I’m officially a soccer mom!!! A cool one haha! Chard and I love watching him play and get better each week.

Some days though, Dada and Zion like to take the dogs out for some long walks and playtime at the park.

Kai, on the other hand, is our little bundle of joy. I can’t believe he’s turning one year old in under a month. It seems like just yesterday that we were about to welcome him into the world.

His little teeth are coming out, making his smile even cuter!

Kai has also been practicing how to walk with us recently. At this point, Zion was already walking. But it’s always different with any kids and we shouldn’t force or rush anything upon them. They’re both amazing in their own little ways.

Kai has been eating solids for a few months now, and loves literally everything; he’s not picky with food but loves papaya a lot. We try to feed him nutritious foods such as vegetables mixed with malunggay and red rice from Kalinga. He also loves to play with his food as much as he loves to eat! 🙂

Zion recently started golfing lessons and he’s been loving it. His bubba Eddie loves golfing and has influenced Zion a lot. He’s motivated Richard to get back into golfing, too! Richard used to play a lot of golf before and plans to do so again with Zion. Way back in high school, Chard was actually part of the golf varsity team; it’s natural for Zion to pick up his dad and grandfather’s hobbies.

We also go on a weekly fishing trip near the house once a week. It’s the most relaxing part of our Mondays.

I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth saying again that my boys are the source of my strength when I feel drained or overwhelmed. Having quiet moments with my little family brings me an indescribable kind of peace; they are my favorite people to be with. 🙂

I know that there may be moms, especially new moms, who find caring for their kids difficult and overwhelming. In the beginning, when you’re caring for them almost 24/7, it can really be a challenge. But I hope you trust that there will come a point that it will get easier, and you’ll be thankful for the moments you have with them.

Do you have kids? What are they up to? What activities do they like to do? I’m always trying to think of ways my kids can bond, so I’m open to your suggestions! Leave me a comment below. <3 Hope you have a wonderful week!