While the excitement of a new baby is always the best motivation, pregnancy really is not a joke. You can be quick to think that someone is having an easy pregnancy judging from how they exude that pregnancy glow, but the truth is that there is so much to deal with.

Aside from making sure that I’m being healthy so that my baby is healthy too, there are certain things that I have to watch out for. But whether it’s morning sickness or stretch marks, I’ve found that there are some things that help make my pregnancy a lot easier to deal with this time around.

If there’s anyone who’s going through the same journey I am on right now, I sincerely hope these little pregnancy hacks help. These are tried and tested from one pregnant momma to another, but if you have more tips to share, I’d love to hear what worked for you. 🙂

Stretch Marks Prevention Oil

No one ever really knows if they will or will not have stretch marks during pregnancy. While it’s completely normal to have these “tiger stripes,” some people would prefer not to have them. The best way to do this is to massage problem areas with prevention cream or oil. There are so many brands available in the market that do the job well, including Clarins, Bio Oil, and Mustela. Some people even recommend olive oil, cocoa butter, or argan oil! But any good oil such as coconut oil should work, too. Apply every morning and night on your stomach, thighs, and breasts to increase your skin’s elasticity.

Ginger Tea

Some women have to deal with severe morning sickness when they are pregnant. One good example is Princess Kate, who has such severe nausea that she is advised to take it easy, or is put on bed rest for a good part of her pregnancy! Other women are lucky enough never to experience it! Others, however, need a little help. Ginger tea worked wonders for me in helping manage my nausea. It was especially useful while I was traveling to keep my morning sickness at bay while I was out with Zion. I would recommend it highly to anyone.


This seems really simple, but not having to fit myself into tight jeans was a breath of fresh air. Dresses make moving around and getting dressed really easy, especially when your belly is sticking out almost a foot in front of you! Invest in flowy dresses that are easy to put on and take off. Contrary to what you might think, dresses look good on pregnant moms, and don’t look frumpy at all!

Bra extenders

It’s a well-known fact that pregnant women also have to deal with a growing bust size during this time. While it can be a confidence booster, it can also be a pain to keep buying new bras. The solution? Bra extenders. I swear by them! They’re these small pads with hooks that lengthen the band size of your regular bras. They’re actually pretty easy to find, too! Bench stocks them in several colors.


Since being pregnant, I have to be even more mindful of staying hydrated, especially in unpredictable weather. I bring an eco-friendly water bottle wherever I go so that I have water with me anytime. There are many great flasks from Corkcicle, Klean Kanteen, and Hydroflask, but you can always choose one that best fits your budget and needs.

Noise-canceling headphones

Sometimes, you just need a little quiet time. I bring around a noise-canceling headset by Bose when I just want to relax and listen to music. Doing this helps me get comfortable really fast, and I can just drift off to sleep in no time.

Lots of love

This sounds incredibly cheesy, but I really get by with a lot of love from my family and from you guys! I like to surround myself with positive vibes during this time, and reading your lovely comments really makes my day. I’m very lucky to have so much support from the people who matter in my life.

These are just some of the things that made my pregnancy easier to deal with this time around. I know it’s not going to be the same for everyone, so if you’re a pregnant momma who’s also going through the same thing, I’d love to hear about the pregnancy hacks that you discovered! Let’s make life easier for us as we await our precious bundles of joy that make every hardship worth it. 🙂