The weather has been so insane! We had two months of almost scorching summer heat, and finally, we’re getting a little bit of rain. It’s enough for anyone’s skin to start acting up! I try to make sure my skincare products keep up. After all, it doesn’t matter how much makeup you put on; if your canvas isn’t in tip-top shape, you won’t look or feel your best.

In May, I tried and loved these products that ended up being really good for my overall skin and wellness. Just because it’s started to rain doesn’t mean you should skip on your skincare! More than for just looking good, having good and healthy skin helps you feel good about yourself. Check out my May favorites below, and let me know what you’ve been using or skipping as well! I’m always on the lookout for products to try. If you have any topic you want me to discuss in my next faves, send me a message or leave a comment below!

I am keeping my skin smooth with Sunday Riley’s Luna Oil.

You only need a quick Google search to know how much facial oils can benefit your skincare routine. They are quickly absorbed by the skin, help plump and moisturize your face, and help repair it too. If you’re looking for a youthful, glowy look, this is something you should try. I’ve been using Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil. It includes German Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Chia Seed, and other oils to help support healthy skin. It smells a little weird, but I’ve found that it works so well. I know facial oils are all the rage, and there are so many more out there like Rosehip, Argan, or Squalene that help do wonders. I’m curious, are you a believer? Which facial oils do you recommend? Comment below!

I am renewing myself from within using Aivee’s Hyperbaric Chamber.

I am such a big advocate for overall wellness. Apart from the usual things that I do like keeping a well-balanced diet, doing moderate exercise, and maintaining a skincare regimen, I also visit Doc Aivee for treatments that can supplement these. The hyperbaric chamber treatment is really interesting. The chamber is 100% oxygen, so it pushes the oxygen into your system. It’s good to help speed up healing since our cells need oxygen to recover. It’s a very comfortable treatment that helps you feel renewed.

I am protecting myself from the sun with Glossier’s sunscreen.

This definitely deserves to be part of my May favorites because sunscreen is one part of your routine that shouldn’t be skipped! It doesn’t matter whether it’s the peak of summer, or cloudy out: sun damage can build up over time. I know it’s starting to rain, but applying sunscreen should be the last step of every skincare routine. I’ve been using the Glossier daily sunscreen which I bought from Lannel Boutique. Unlike most sunscreens, it doesn’t leave a white cast on your face that looks awful in photos. Plus, it has a ton of benefits to keep your skin from getting harmed by free radicals and UV rays.

I am staying moisturized with La Mer’s moisturizing matte lotion.

Using moisturizing lotions in this heat can feel really sticky. You have to look for one that doesn’t feel too cloying on the skin. I liked using La Mer’s moisturizing matte lotion in this insane summer heat! It absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy feeling. It helped my skin look so good even with the weather and all these sleepless nights caring for Kai. 🙂 I’ll be keeping this in my holy grail stash for sure!