Dear Richard,

Some years ago, we met on the set of a TV show that would end up changing our lives. We hung out almost every day because we were taping shows together. Somehow, hanging out became something more serious because we found ourselves at our official first date at Ate Ruffa’s birthday party. As far as first dates go, it was a bit scary because your entire family was there! But after that, the rest, as they say, is history.

When we met, you literally shook my world upside down. I know I had to make you work to be able to court me, but everything was so worth it. Your beautiful soul brought me so much joy, laughter, and inspiration. I’ve had the most memorable, beautiful, and funniest moments with you. I’ve had the kind of laughs with you that made my stomach ache. After then, I realized how blessed I am to have you in my life.

If I had to list everything I love about you, it’s going to be a really long list! But I still want to try.

I love that you are such a humanitarian, and how knowledgeable you are. It constantly surprises me how you know things, or how you get passionate about things. When you have set your mind on something, you will do everything you can to make it a reality. Even then, you have an out-of-the-box way of thinking, and your free spirit can never be contained.

I love how you have so many friends from all walks of life because you’re so friendly and you can adjust to any type of situation.

I love how you love. You are such a great dad to Zion. You teach him so many things that he takes in with a sense of wonder: from animal trivia to countries. You make sure the both of you always have fun. You make sure that Zion is happy, healthy, and growing well.

I love how important family is to you, how you make time to be with your parents and your siblings. Many of the important moments we’ve shared always became just that much more special because our families are there, too.

I love how much you support me. We’re not always perfect all of the time, and there have been times when we have probably not given as much to each other as we should have. But even so, you help me grow into the person I want to be, and at the end of the day, I know that I am not alone. It’s amazing to know that I have a supportive partner who always wants the best for me, who is willing to help, make me grow into a better person, and achieve our dreams together while creating the most beautiful memories.

Out of all the stories we’ve created together over the past few years, my favorite by far is when you proposed to me just because it was so unexpected. Our week in Zermatt consisted of skiing and teaching Zion how to ski. We were with my parents and my best friends. We had one day off the slopes, so we decided to hike around and look for that cool restaurant above the mountains called Iglu Dorf. We hung out there for a bit but the music was too hardcore metal for a beautiful morning in Zermatt, so we decided it was time to leave and just behind it was the beautiful, picturesque, and majestic Matterhorn, glittering from the sunshine and snow. We decided to bust out our cameras and take photos. I was wondering why you were taking a really long time setting up your tripod and camera… little did I know, you were about to propose.

After the proposal, we bought champagne and my favorite chocolates, and then you took me on a helicopter ride above the beautiful Zermatt. I was literally on cloud nine. What a man. What a day. I can’t express how I felt at the time; I felt too many things to be written into words. I just knew I was the happiest girl ever. And yes, I was without any hesitations, ready to spend forever with you.

Of course, we’ve been through a lot of tough times together. What couple wouldn’t have experienced roadblocks? We’ve had our fair share of struggles over time, and these challenges have tested our resolve to make our relationship work. But even with all this, we’ve managed to overcome our difficulties, and we’ve grown stronger than ever. It’s amazing to think that after everything, we’re still by each other’s side and making it work the best ways we know how.

Two kids later, there’s so much more life to be lived with you. There’s so much more we’re going to do.

Even as you unfailingly support me in my dreams, I hope that all your dreams come true. I hope that God continues to bless you and guide your soul at the same time into being the great man you continue to beautifully grow into.

I hope that you get to release your underwater photography book one day so we can show our kids and the world how talented you are, not just in acting but also in photography. I hope that you always feel joy in your heart. I hope you keep working on the things that you are passionate about, the things that light a spark in your heart and soul.

I’m very excited for our life as our family grows bigger. I’m so excited for us to meet our little one, Kai. I look forward to our future travels together and most importantly, I’m excited to marry my best friend, have my sons walk down the aisle and attend our ceremony. To me, there could be nothing more perfect.

When we’re playing music at home just hanging out and you start dancing, when you never fail to make me feel special and push me to achieving my goals, when you do those small thoughtful surprises for me without asking, when you always open your heart to others to give and to help, when you laugh and play and make memories with Zion, when your eyes light up when we talk about Baby Kai, when you and I spend time together and just start laughing—I know that there is nothing else and nobody else I could ever want. I feel at peace, I feel calm like my life is really good, and you are one of my greatest blessings.

Happy birthday, my love. Thank you for being you. I love you with all my heart.



(Image credit goes to BJ Pascual)