Hello from Europe! It’s been a wonderful couple of weeks so far, traveling with my family and visiting all the spots that are near and dear to us. What’s even more special is that this is Baby Kai’s first trip out of the country with us, and while he’s too young to remember much of it, what matters is that we’re all together.

travel essentials

travel essentials

For this installment of my monthly favorites, I wanna share with you guys my travel essentials! I know a lot of people (including myself!) are guilty of underpacking or overpacking for a vacation. But when you make a list and map out what you need (read: what is practical), then you can go about your trip with less hassle.

travel essentials

Here’s a list of my travel essentials that made packing for Europe such a breeze! Do you use some of these as well?

Packing cubes and clothes organizers

Packing cubes are life! They make organizing your luggage incredibly easy. You can pack by person, or section your undies, shirts, and pants, so that it’s all organized and easy to go through.

Travel-sized beauty products and toiletries

travel essentials

I can’t live without the products I use on a daily basis. But most of the time, they’re in huge bottles, and I make the mistake of bringing them because I’m scared I’ll run out. This is why I swear by travel-sized products. They’re easier to carry and take up much less space. TIP: Keep some of your bigger-sized creams and toners in your checked luggage to avoid problems with allowed liquids in your carry-on bags. I bring my travel-sized skincare products on the plane because my skin gets dry and weird. So, I make sure to cleanse and moisturize in the plane.

Ziplock bags

I put all my camera chargers and batteries in a Ziplock bag to avoid cables making a tangled mess. My phone chargers and laptop chargers will also be in a Ziplock bag, but I keep these in my carry-on so that I can use them easily on the plane, or when I land.

Healthy snacks

travel essentials

When you’re with a precocious toddler on a long journey, you can imagine that there will be times that they will get fussy or hungry at times when there’s no food around. Keeping snacks like almonds or trail mix in my bag is just additional insurance to keep Zion happy in case he gets hungry. It’s also useful in case Richard, my mom, or I get hungry somewhere without a food stall.

Alcohol or alcogel

Because it’s such a closed environment, it’s easier to get infected by someone who is sick on the plane. Keeping alcohol with you at all times is just a basic reminder to wipe your hands to kill bacteria every so often.

Vitamins and anti-allergy medicine

I have to really bring my medicines in my hand carry. As soon as I get on a plane, I get a runny nose! Sometimes, I get sick after landing because planes can get dirty, and you need to prevent this before hopping on.

Boredom-busting items for toddlers

travel essentials

I bring a book or two for Zion, as well as an iPad for him to play on when he gets bored. Long flights can be hard on toddlers who are not used to being patient and sitting around for extended periods of time. In-flight entertainment should keep them, well, entertained. But just in case, it’s also good to bring something familiar to them.

Earphones, of course!

It’s not just Zion that needs some distractions! I make sure my earphones are on me so that I can listen to some good music while I’m on a flight. It makes the wait go by more pleasantly.

Of course, traveling with a months-old baby as well as a toddler means that I did a lot of preparations so that Kai and Zion are comfortable through the journey. Watch out for that in another blog I’ll share very soon! In the meantime, stay updated with me on Instagram as I share more snaps of our vacation.