One of the exciting (and stressful!) things about planning your wedding is finding the right dress. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing to find the perfect dress that just completely represents who you are. I’ve attended so many weddings where people start crying once they see those church doors open and the bride walks down the aisle, a vision in white. 

The way I see it, the wedding dress is one of those things that will stick with you long after the day is gone. The bride feels her most confident and most beautiful in the perfect dress, and guests will remember it as well when they remember the newly-married couple. That is not to say that the groom’s outfit isn’t interesting as well! 

Since I’m taking my time gathering my ideas for what I want my wedding dress to be, I wanted to share a list of iconic wedding dresses I’ve loved. Here are my top favorites:

Cher married Gregg Allman in 1975. As a reflection of the hippie culture of the time, she wore this delicate nightgown-like wedding dress that hugged her figure perfectly. The peasant neckline was a huge thing back then, and is making a comeback in fashion today. 

Kate Moss has always been considered a huge fashion icon. Her wedding gown was created by designer John Galliano, and was very much 1920s inspired with the silhouette, embroidery, and other details. 

The royals truly know how to make a mark. When Lady Diana Spencer married Charles, the Prince of Wales, her gown was also talked about for years and years to come, and is probably the gown that people think of when they reminisce about the ’80s. Voluminous and made with silk taffeta, it was a grand wedding gown that included pearls and sequins in the design. Even now, many associate the look of puffed sleeves and a full skirt as being a “princess” type dress!

Another royal whose gown became the stuff of legend is Grace Kelly aka Princess Grace of Monaco. Grace Kelly was an American actress who married the Prince of Monaco in 1956. Her wedding gown was full of lace and pearl details, and was actually designed by Helen Rose, a costume designer employed by MGM studios where Grace worked. It is considered to be one of the most elegant and timeless wedding dresses of all time, and even directly inspired the wedding gown of Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge. 

Bianca Jagger‘s wedding to Mick Jagger was the stuff of legend, but so was her bridal attire! She wore a white YSL blazer without a blouse underneath, and a long silk skirt. She attached her veil to her white wide-brimmed hat, which inspired many fashion houses for decades afterward! 

Moving into the more modern gowns, top of mind is Kim Kardashian’s bridal look. It’s been five years since Kimye tied the knot, but even now I love to look at the details from their wedding. Kim’s Givenchy wedding gown was the perfect mix of demure with hints of sexiness. The front of the gown was covered with a high neckline, with waist cutouts overlaid with lace. The back on the other hand, was completely bare and accented her curves! 

Gwen Stefani was always known as the ultra-cool girl. She rocked the hot red lips when not a lot of people were doing so. In her 2002 wedding, she wore a pink ombre one-shoulder gown with a voluminous skirt designed by John Galliano for Dior. She looked like a blooming flower! Doing color, and a rather bright color, is unusual for most brides. But Gwen took it and rocked it. 

Another dress I’m sure we’ve seen a hundred times is that of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City. It was big, it was poofy, it was amazing. Designed by Vivienne Westwood, the dress was a mix of ivory silk satin and ivory silk taffeta. Carrie’s look was made unique with the feather headpiece attached to her veil. It was not the dress Carrie ended up getting married in, but it is one of her looks I’m completely obsessed with. 

Angelina Jolie‘s wedding to Brad Pitt was a huge family affair. Their six kids were heavily involved in the ceremony, as well as getting top billing on their mother’s wedding gown. Her Versace gown was simple, but what elevated the look was her kids’ drawings which were embroidered all over the veil. It’s a special, sentimental touch to have one’s family so close to the most iconic parts of the wedding. 

When Kate Middleton got officially engaged to Prince William, I remember the world was waiting excitedly to see how this royal wedding would unfold. Kate will someday likely be queen, and she had strict royal protocols to follow when choosing her dress. So in April 2011, when she emerged from the limo and faced the crowd in her beautiful Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen lace wedding gown, it certainly felt like the perfect fairy tale coming true! She looked the part of a princess; so very classic. The gown looked so simple but was so tastefully designed, with the best handmade English lace, satin, and tulle. It was said to be inspired by gowns from the 1950s including Grace Kelly’s, and would even go on to inspire wedding fashion for many years afterward. 

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian designer and influencer. She married her husband Federico Lucia in 2018, and decided on two Dior gowns for her wedding and reception. Her iconic wedding dress was comprised of a crochet lace romper with a layered tulle skirt. The skirt had a slit in the center to show off her legs. Chiara said that she was a non-traditional bride and wanted the dress to be timeless but reflect her personality. I think it did! 


What do you think of these gowns? Which one is your favorite? Did any celebrity inspire your own wedding dress? Let me know in the comments!