It’s mid-October! The nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder… sometimes. While December is still a couple of months away and we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet, I’m sure a handful of us are already planning our gift giving lists for Christmas!

I’m the type of person who enjoys giving gifts to others. I really enjoy scouring the malls and online shops for nice finds that my friends and family will really love. Even picking out the box and wrapper is so fun! Add a few Christmas carols to set the mood and we have the makings for a perfect afternoon.

To help you out with your holiday planning, I wanted to share some of my personal picks on what to give for the various people in your life. When I started planning this blog, I realized how many people we have in our lives to give presents to! I’ll divide this into two parts.

So for the first installment of my gift guide, here are a few suggestions so that you can play Santa to all the important ladies in your life.

For your co-workers

These are the people you see everyday! You spend a lot of time with your office friends. Hopefully you guys get along well, so it’s only natural to want to give them a small token during the holidays to thank them for their hard work and friendship over the year! A good yet inexpensive idea is giving them boxes of pastries or sweets. You can either order smaller boxes, or buy them in bulk then repackage them. They can take it home to share with their family, or they can even share them with your other officemates during your coffee break!

For me, Bench is a no-brainer place to get great gifts like cologne, towels, and bath sets for your officemates. Gift items are really affordable at Bench, and are often already packaged in nice boxes or tins so all you really need to do is add a name and you’re good to go!

For your tita friends

Your tita friends are those who appreciate practical yet beautiful stuff. One idea for them is to get small packaged sets of reed diffusers, or scented candles. Something in a classic pleasing scent like vanilla, shea butter, or lavender is a safe bet. You can also try looking for holiday-themed sets that would help set the mood for their own Christmas gatherings at home.

If you wanna go very practical, replenish stuff they already use! I won’t hesitate to give them a full set of Cetaphil facial cleansing products. It’s something they can use everyday to keep their skin in tiptop shape!

For your besties

Your best girls deserve only the best! I’d recommend giving them a tube of lipstick in their favorite color, or a holiday release from a favorite brand. I love the lip and cheek tints from KJM Cosmetics, so I wouldn’t think twice about including this on my list as a stocking stuffer. For something different but matchy-matchy for your barkada, try checking out personalized gifts! I’ve been seeing them all over Instagram lately; I like the laser-engraved wooden combs, and the leather-embossed kikay kits.

If you’re so over makeup, then perhaps you can give the gift of great skincare instead! I’d personally recommend skincare that is natural and specifically made for all types of skin, to be on the safe side. You can give nice bottles of face oils, like argan or sunflower. You can also give skin scrubs, hand creams, rose water toners, and sheet masks!

For the girl who’s like your sister

For the girl who you can call at 3am and you know she’s always going to pick up no matter what happens, make sure she knows she has a special place in your heart.  I love the idea of giving dainty jewelry as a gift. There are lots of online stores selling jewelry that’s beautiful yet functional, encouraging the wearer to get good use of it everyday. Choose from a delicate necklace with a cute pendant, a pair of nice earrings, or maybe even a ring or two.

While it’s always wonderful to give and to receive during the holiday season, always remember than more than the presents, it’s your presence that’s the best gift of all! So maybe when you’re ready to start giving these out, have a chat over a cup of hot cocoa with it. 🙂

Also, just dropping a reminder: I’m giving away a set of KJM lip tints to lucky blog readers! Just leave a comment on my blog. That’s it! I’ll be giving away a set of lip tints to 3 winners that they can share or use for themselves. 

Have you started on your Christmas gift list? What are you planning to give this year? Let me know in the comments! I may get some inspiration from you when I upload the second part of this blog.