I’m so very proud to share with you our baby Kai.

Being pregnant the second time around was much different, as was giving birth this time. I’ve told you all about my pregnancy in these last few weeks, but even the birth was something I wanted to share. When you do it for the second time, there is a better idea of what to expect and what to prepare for.

giving birth to kai

I had a smooth labor and experience giving birth to Kai. I delivered him via spontaneous normal delivery. We were highly anticipating his arrival within the week of the birth.

Really, no words can express how happy and excited I am to finally meet him and be with him. I think Kai looks a lot like Zion when he was a newborn, but you can see a lot of Chard in his face, too.

giving birth to kai

And speaking of the big brother—Zion is as excited as us. He’s been looking after his little brother by singing to him and sharing with him his toys. He doesn’t quite understand yet that Kai is still very little and has a bit of growing up to do before they can play together, but it’s a heartwarming scene.

giving birth to kai

Chard and I would like to thank my doctor, all the nurses, and attendants at the hospital who cared for Kai and I. I also have to give major props to my lactation consultant. Thanks to her help, Kai is breastfeeding like a champion from the onset. Giving birth is really no easy feat and having a great medical team helped it be a smooth experience. Iba talaga ang alagang Pilipino. ❤

We thank you all for the love and well wishes. I’m currently recovering at home and breastfeeding. These early days of being a family of four mean a few adjustments and sleepless nights with a newborn, but I would not trade anything for it. I look at my family and know in my contented heart that I could not wish for anything more.