Today on the blog, we have another inspiring empowered woman close to my heart. Ate Ruffa is the oldest of the Gutierrez siblings. Even as she is one of the kindest, most welcoming members of the family, she is also very protective of everyone, as an older sister usually is!

Ate Ruffa started her career as an actress, then a beauty queen, eventually becoming a talk show host as well. She is one of the most recognizable figures in Philippine showbiz today, and it’s admirable how she has juggled her career while raising her kids as a single mom.

I always love spending time with Ruffa and her beautiful daughters, Lorin and Venice. These two may be my nieces, but we’re like friends–we hang out and bond over what we like! They’ve even done my makeup.

Ate Ruffa is one of the strongest people I know, with so much insight on what it’s like to be a mother. Here are some of her thoughts.

Sarah: Do you think it’s easy being an empowered woman and a mother at the same time?

Ruffa: Women are equipped to face it all. Using time management is key to make sure that we’re strong and capable. Mothers are the light of the home; everyone looks up to them. We bring change, love, and we are able to inspire other women as well.

S: Do you think there are any things you are doing differently so that your kids learn to respect women and be confident in themselves, too?

R: In spite of everything I’ve been through in regards to my marriage, I see that Lorin and Venice look up to me. If I can face all of these challenges, they can too.

S: What values would you like to instill in your kids?

R: I hope that Lorin and Venice grow up to be God-fearing individuals, to use their success as a platform to help others their age, to help women, students and children around the world, and to stand up and speak out. That’s what I would like my children to be–strong, independent, empowered women with a voice.

S: What are your greatest achievements?

R: A lot of my career achievements, I’ve done since I was 13. For me, the biggest achievement is being able to raise Lorin and Venice on my own since I left my ex-husband. I’m able to give them a beautiful life, put them in the best international schools. I’m self-sufficient;  I don’t ask anyone for help or money. I’m able to do it on my own.

S: Do you have any personal heroes or idols you look up to? Who are they? Why do you idolize them? What do you think sets them apart?

R: Princess Diana, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. They are all strong, brave, inspiring, empowered women who were able to make a difference.
S: If you could define what it means to be an empowered woman in one statement, what would it be?

R: Being an empowered woman is, even if you’ve gone through a lot of bad trauma in the past, you rise above it and use all of the past mistakes experiences to uplift and empower others.


I’m so excited for my next features! Be sure to come back tomorrow to read more. Who has been your favorite so far? Let me know in the comments below.