Before I end this series, I wanted to share my thoughts on the topics we’ve touched in the previous blogs: about women at home, women as mothers, and women in the workplace.

Let’s start with the most obvious, and likely the reason you’ve come across my blog or follow me on social media: my showbiz career.

So, showbiz isn’t as effortless as it looks. Getting started in the industry wasn’t so easy. I had to work hard each step of the way. After joining Starstruck, I still auditioned for roles and got rejected so many times. It was so painful to go through that but now I see it as a beautiful experience that got me to where I am now.

I’m very glad though that I don’t I get treated differently because I am a woman. It’s a great time to be a woman where everyone supports and uplifts each other. There’s definitely more men in our work sector, but that’s slowly changing to be more fair and inclusive.

I still want to do so many things in my career and in business while making sure I maintain work-life balance. One step at a time. The biggest step, though, has been raising my young family while working again.

I think I approach parenting in a modern way, but mixed with my parents way of raising kids. I want Zion and Kai to be independent but still know that it’s okay to ask for help in appropriate situations. It sounds contradicting but that’s how it is. I make sure to give my kids lots of outdoor time in nature instead of always being at school or at home. Finding the right balance as a working mom is hard, but it’s about enjoying the process.

Since I have two boys, I want to make sure they have good values and respect for others. There’s a saying that “boys will be boys” which I hate. I teach Zion to always be fair with everyone, boy or girl. To treat everyone equally no matter what.

The thing is, we do have shared responsibilities at home, so the kids will see and learn this. It’s helpful that Chard does his share of the “load.”  If someone’s tired from work, the other one will do whatever’s needed to be done. Or for example, Chard, Zion and I recently traveled to El Nido with no help and we turned out fine just like any other family. Chard spends a lot of time mindfully parenting Zion whether it’s giving him a bath, helping him eat, etc, and not just because I’m too busy to do it.  

Chard knows my dedicated and steadfast personality, and that I want to do so much more in terms of my career, and he has no problems with that. I love that Richard respects me, loves me fully for who I am, gives me the freedom to be completely myself and freedom to pursue my passions. He supports and guides me with whatever I decide to do. Find yourself a man who does that! Don’t settle for less.

I think at the end of the day, being empowered is going to be very subjective to each woman, but that’s what is great about it: we have a choice, and we have people who will support us as we make those choices. I think women now are more aware of their rights. We know we got each other’s back and that’s a wonderful thing; to be able to help and uplift one another.

So at the end of the day, my view of an empowered woman is someone who is confident, helpful, strong and hard working, no matter what their path is in life. I’m glad I’m surrounded by so many of these ladies, because we do need that stroke of inspiration now and again!  

For anyone who comes to my blog to seek a little bit of wisdom, I hope you strive to be these good things. Be comfortable in your own skin. Be proud of yourself and just work on yourself on what you think can be changed for the better in terms of work, relationships and your own state of being. Make time for yourself. Check in with your soul. Don’t do things because everyone’s doing it. Just follow your gut instinct and work hard but know when to pause and have fun. You can never really describe an empowered woman accurately, but you sure can see it!

I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I had fun learning all these insights. Which feature did you think you related with most? Let me know in the comments!