The Gutierrez family is a huge family! There are so many siblings and cousins that it may be hard to keep track sometimes! I’m lucky that I’ve found sisters by heart within the family. Today I’m introducing you to my sister-in-law, Alexa Uichico-Gutierrez.

Alexa is the co-owner of Laya Baby, a children’s clothing brand inspired by childhood moments that allows kids to be kids. She dabbles in other projects with her husband, like Hall of Fame Authentics, a brand bringing sports collectibles to the Philippines.

Not a lot of people know this, but Alexa used to work in finance for a time! She bravely decided to let go of that life, though, and forge a new path. This is because she went through some emotional struggles, even experiencing postpartum depression which is something incredibly familiar to me. Alexa decided that she had to take charge of her life and experience it the way she envisioned, while being there for her family as much as possible.

Alexa and I have become so close over the years. Not only are her kids Aria and Ezra the favorite playmates of Zion, we’ve also gotten to spend so much time together because we are genuinely friends. In fact, I’m excited to travel with her in April along with our husbands, Elvis and Chard. Aria and Zion will be with us as well–no yaya this time! So you know for sure we’ve got each other’s back, not just next month but every day we need each other.

In my opinion, Alexa is the perfect example of a woman who is empowered because of the freedom of choice she has in her life. Some people think being an empowered woman means having a job and balancing your family and work. But sometimes, you can also decide what’s best for you and make a good life out of that as well.

Sarah: Do you think it’s easy being an empowered woman and a mother at the same time?

Alexa: In my case, it did not come easy. I had to go through hardships and struggles of my own, mentally and emotionally. With the help of my family and other moms who have gone through similar struggles, I found strength in them. Now, I can talk about what happened to me when I experienced postpartum depression & share my story hoping it will empower others.

S: Is there anything you think is different in the way you have raised your family compared to the norm?

There is no perfect way to raise your children. It’s always a combination of what you’ve learned from your parents and your in-laws. Of course, we also apply what Elvis and I have learned from peers and friends. At the end of the day, it’s just really about trying to find balance and teaching them LOVE and God.

S: Do you think there are any things you are doing differently so that your kids learn to respect women and be confident in themselves, too?  

A: I try to lead by example by showing my kids that women should be strong, hardworking, prayerful, and independent.

S: Where do you think women now stand in society?

A: I feel like women are now more powerful; there is more equality in this day of age. And women can now be anything they want to be.

S: What do you think it means to be an empowered woman?

A: Right now, what it means for me to be an empowered woman is to have a positive mindset. It’s about believing in yourself, trusting GOD, and sharing that with others.


You can follow Alexa on Instagram or read her blog to be updated with what she’s been up to. 🙂 Are you also a mom with young kids like Alexa and I? How do you balance your family life and your professional life? Let me know in the comments! Stay tuned on Wednesday for the next feature!