As some of you guys may know, I’ve been pregnant for a few months now, and I’m already so excited to meet my baby! But it also comes with mixed emotions and physical pain. I mean, this is my second baby after all, but being pregnant still takes getting used to.

When I went to the gym yesterday, someone asked me why I was working out. My dance family had to remind me to slow down. I had to remind myself to slow down. But ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been moving, like a kiti-kiti. I love being active. I love working out. It gives me peace of mind, makes me stronger and happier.

embracing your pregnant body

This is already my second baby, but it doesn’t get easier. I’m happy and blessed to be able to conceive again. But it’s also true that the changes my body is undergoing are overwhelming! The way my body is can feel a bit awkward at the start. Everything seems to be swelling out of control. Breakouts left and right. Goodbye, bewang and belly!

But I always snap out of that mindset. I remind myself that my body is changing to build a home for my baby. We women must embrace our pregnant body! Remember, you’re raising a child. You’re not competing for top model. Give yourself a break.

embracing your pregnant body

Yes, I am an actress, and it’s a requirement for me to look my best, which is why the changes in my body can be a lot to handle. But I remind myself that I’m a mother first, and I prioritize my children before anything else. I am an actress when I need to be one. Right now, I am pregnant and embracing my body changing. I am human. I am a mother. I am powerful and strong. And so are you.

Let me repeat that: your body is building a home for a new life. It needs to change to be good at its job. Trust your body. It knows what it’s doing.

Focus on the good stuff instead. My nails are stronger. My hair is rapidly growing. My skin has that glow no highlighter can replicate! And who says I have to stop loving and feeling good about my body?

The more I exercise and the more I keep my commitment to eating healthy, the more I feel good, energetic, and powerful. The happier I am. I think being pregnant is a critical time for you to really focus on yourself, your happiness, your mental health. I always say this: A happy momma is a happy baby and what else matters?

embracing your pregnant body

I make sure to carve space to just unwind. I listen to my favorite music (check out my Spotify), meditate on my favorite app called Headspace, or I get a massage. Pamper yourself! (And oh, make sure to inform your therapist you are pregnant.)

I love dropping by Aivee. I still want to look cute while pregnant, of course. I personally recommend getting their facials and soothing masks without any retinol. Your pregnant skin can be sensitive, and there’s no telling how the baby will react to retinol. Let them know you’re pregnant so they can adequately assess your skin.

Let your body grow as it is and accept that you are pregnant and powerful by growing a wonderful baby inside of you. A quote I found once said, “Only loving your body when it’s perfectly fit is like loving your children when they’re perfectly behaved.” Trust the process, trust your body. Good luck to us! <3