Valentine’s Day is coming up real soon! I’m sure many of you are already trying to think of what to do and where to go for dinner that day. I mean, that’s usually the formula, right? Valentine’s Day means dinner and flowers… the same plans that every other couple in sight would have that day.

I have nothing against dinner and flowers, but sometimes it’s good to shake things up and plan out a unique date for February 14. This means doing something that will help you and your partner bond while creating wonderful memories that you can look back on. Here are my suggestions to make your Valentine’s Day not like the rest this year!

Take a cooking class together

couple cooking

This is not your typical dinner-and-movie date. There’s something a lot more involved in deciding to try to cook together. It teaches you how to move in sync, and help each other do tasks to create a great end product. This Valentine’s, you can take it a step further by taking a class so you can both learn a new cuisine together. Want to try Vietnamese food or Thai food? Or maybe you’re already good at cooking, but you want to try your hand at baking? The possibilities are pretty much endless, and the best part is that you will end up with something tasty (hopefully!) to share with.

Travel together

date ideas for valentine's day

The city really becomes saturated with couples in love during Valentine’s day weekend. While that’s kilig and all, it can get frustrating to book a table at a restaurant you love, or even deal with the traffic while going there. So get out of the city! A few weeks before, decide on a place to escape to. It can be for a few days in a whole different country or a stay at a nearby beach or resort. It really doesn’t have to be a luxurious getaway! Traveling together lets you bond; it’s so different from traveling with the rest of your friends or family around. You create new, wonderful memories that will be unique and special.

Volunteer together

date ideas for valentine's day

This may sound lame to some people, but if you and your partner thrive on the idea that you should leave the world a better place than how you found it, then this may be for you. It’s easy to find volunteerism activities anywhere, whether it’s planting trees, rescuing animals, cleaning up beaches, or spending time with the elderly. Valentine’s Day is about love after all. The kind of love that we should be having for others and our planet shouldn’t be overlooked. At the end of your day, there’s nothing stopping you and your partner from having a well-deserved intimate dinner to celebrate your love, too.

Go on an adventure

date ideas for valentine's day

If you and your partner are naturally active and love adventure, try some intense activities near the city. You can go mountain climbing or trekking. Yup, you’ll get really sweaty, but it’s worth it because it’s a lot of fun! After working up a sweat, you can explore the nearby area and find a nice place to have a well-deserved lunch.

Go simple


There are tons of low maintenance yet fun date ideas for Valentine’s day. For example, a bowling date with your significant other gives you an opportunity to bond and have fun, but you will still look cute while doing so! 😉 You can also go to the arcade, visit museums, or hang out at parks. Part of the appeal of Valentine’s day is feeling good with your special someone, and if getting dressed helps you feel good, then go for it!

Recreate your first date together

date ideas for valentine's day

If you’ve been together a really long time, it can be a very kilig experience to look back on all those memories from so long ago. 🙂 Where did you first meet? What did you eat? What did you remember talking about on your first date? It’s a wonderful way to spend time with your partner, knowing that you have come so far and there is so much more to look forward to.

Love yourself

love yourself

If you’re still single this time of year, don’t worry. Valentine’s day is also an opportunity for you to tap into the love you have for yourself, your friends, and your family. You can always have a “date” with your barkada or other single friends. Instead of feeling bitter about the holiday, being in the company of people you love the most will turn it around. You can also have a special dinner with your family. If you don’t feel like going out with people, then a date with yourself and Netflix can be more than enough.