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A few weeks ago, Chard, Zion and I attended the wedding of a close family friend. They asked Zion to be the ring bearer and just before the ceremony started, Zion and I had this conversation:

Me: “Zion, make sure not to drop the rings.”

Zion: “This is my fourth wedding, mama.”

I had to laugh! It’s so hard for me to believe that my little lion is now almost six years old. It feels like not so long ago that he was a little infant always in my arms, then walking and crawling on wobbly legs. Now, I see him walking down the aisle, running around with his friends, even kicking a football!

It makes a world of difference that Chard and I did our best to ensure Zion had all the help he needed to reach these important developmental milestones. I did mention in my previous blog that as a parent, I want my kids to be independent but know when to ask for help.

When Zion was younger, he was able to stand before he was a year old. He was communicating well at 1 year old, even singing his ABCs.

When you have young kids, it’s important that they have a safe environment that allows them to learn, play, and grow.

Now, we’re going through the same with Kai! My bubba Kai, who just turned one last month, is our bundle of energy. He has reached physical baby development milestones like crawling, or pulling himself up, and is starting to learn how to put one foot in front of the other, unassisted.

We’re doing our best to encourage him achieve these physical baby milestones. Even when he was smaller, we had set time everyday to encourage him to be as active as a baby can be, like with tummy time that could help him learn to roll over. Now, we encourage playtime that helps him move around and react to the people around him. Kai gets limited TV time and no electronics; we prioritize our kids’ growth by allowing them the space to play and move.

All babies are different, so we know Kai will be different from his Kuya Zion in deciding when he’s ready to walk. In the meantime, we make sure he’s wearing comfortable outfits instead of cute clothes that are bulky and are uncomfortable to move in. The main thing we are also doing is avoiding lawlaw diapers. It sounds funny and trivial, but a saggy diaper can really discourage your baby from moving around to his full potential!

Their sense of comfort with their diaper is actually a really critical factor in achieving their milestones. They need a less lawlaw diaper beause the bulk in a diaper can hinder their ability to move. This is why we’ve used Pampers for our babies for the longest time. Because for me, it’s less lawlaw and is therefore the most comfortable, quality diaper in the market that doesn’t hinder baby development.

As a mom, it’s important for me that kids (and not just mine) get to have opportunities that are available to them so that they can grow and move better. It’s one of my personal advocacies that I feel very strongly about. It turns out, Pampers does too!

I worked with Pampers to launch the #BetterForBaby movement, a special project that has been in the works for a while now. Over the years, I’ve learned that the more our babies play and move, the more it helps them develop their skills. I think this need for better baby movement needs to be highlighted better.

This is why I’m advocating for #BetterForBaby— through this initiative, we want to encourage parents and families to make baby’s movement a priority because better movement is better for baby’s development. This means choosing less lawlaw diapers that will help baby have free, unrestricted movement, engaging baby in daily physical activities, and advocating for more public spaces that are galaw-friendly for babies. This way, they’re happier and more keen to explore more of the world around them!

Like other moms and dads, we’ve trusted Pampers from the very beginning. After all, they have always been a brand of tried-and-tested, quality diapers. We’re very happy to be part of this initiative with Pampers, and I hope that if you’re a parent, you’ll join in the conversation too!

Share your stories about how you’ve encouraged your babies to be more active on Pampers’ microsite here. Each story added will help in building more free play areas, and donations of less lawlaw Pampers to more hospitals in the country. Pampers believes that all babies should have access to the tools that will help them grow and develop to their full potential. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Take it from me–it’s amazing to see how your kids grow up when you’ve cultivated their growth from the very beginning. We always knew that Zion loved music and singing. He plays the piano now and enjoys singing, especially with his lolo Eddie! Kai, on the other hand, loves small basketballs and enjoys playing mini-basketball with us. Will he end up enjoying this as he grows older, or will he explore something else? Who knows! Honestly, as long as he’s happy and thriving, there’s nothing more we could want. 🙂

Be sure to join in the conversation with Pampers at I’ll be checking to read your stories, so drop me a line if you’ve shared!