The greatest thing about living in a country like the Philippines is that it’s always summer somewhere. It’s so easy to take a weekend off and drive or fly a few hours to a nearby beach where you can just laze in the sun all day.

You’ll know by now that I’m a huge huge fan of the beach! Whether it’s in Siargao, in Anilao, in Amanpulo, or in Malapascua, I can’t resist the call of clear blue waters on a sunny day. My family and I also love to dive, but that’s a story for another blog.

One of the things I love about the beach is getting to ditch heavy blouses and heels, and wearing light clothing while squishing my toes in the sand. My beach style is as much functional as it is a reflection of my personal style. After all, who wants to be uncomfortable while relaxing?

If you’re curious to know about my beach style, here’s a roundup of fashion pieces I like to wear when I’m soaking up some sun.

Solid color bikinis

You’ll notice that I tend to gravitate towards solid color bikinis most of the time. I love the look of a simple bikini or one-piece in a striking color; it makes it so much easier to match with cover-ups too! I own a handful of swimsuits from my friend Boom Sason. For affordable options that you can try wearing, most department stores will also have their own styles that you can check out.  

Fresh prints

While I love a good solid color bikini, I also have a few swimmies in cool prints. The bright pink-hued one has pops of color that is just perfect for any vacation. The printed bikini is really trendy but not in an overbearing way; I like that there is also an interesting woven detail on the bikini bottoms. The black and white one-piece on the other hand, is actually pretty mod. It reminds me of those retro style swimmies, just in a more modern cut.

Breezy white linens

There’s something about clean, pure white that makes it the perfect color to wear by the beach! In particular, light fabrics like linen help you keep cool and are less fussy to wear. I like the crispness and elegance of white, so I tend to bring a few white tops, bottoms, and maybe a dress or two on some beach trips.

Bright printed cover-ups

I’m sure I have a few kimonos in my closet, which is what most people think of when they think of beach cover-ups. However, I sometimes like to use breezy blouses that I already own, like this red ruffled top. Keeping a cover-up with longer sleeves with you during beach trips helps protect your shoulders and arms from the heat of the sun, if you’re not wearing a rash guard. Even if you wear sunblock, give your skin a break and shield the parts that are most prone to sunburn and peeling.

Off-shoulder tops

On the other hand, for beach trips with decidedly cooler weather, an off-shoulder top is my go-to! I have a couple in different colors, as well as good ol’ neutrals. When you’ve worked so hard to (carefully!) get a glowing tan, you’ll want to show off your sun-kissed skin!

Bottoms up

While denim shorts are my go-to bottoms to cover up in my swimsuit, I also change it up sometimes with a fun skirt or breezy pants. Breezy pants are especially great if you need to be a bit more modest for lunch or dinner. If you’re wearing a one-piece, it looks like an outfit in itself; you just need to accessorize with some flats and a casual bag.

There you have it! My beach style is really quite simple and uncomplicated, with a few surprises here and there. When you’re running after a toddler, you can’t always do fussy maillots and chunky accessories. I like being comfortable in my downtime, as I’m sure you would, too. Don’t forget your sunblock!

Are you a beach person too? What’s your go-to outfit when you’re there? Let me know in the comments; I’d love to hear from you!