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Mahalo, Hawaii ❤️
Every year, humans kill an estimated 100 million sharks for shark fin soup and by catch. These creatures are so beautiful and gentle compared to what is being depicted of them... They are an important part of the ocean's ecosystem so let’s do our part to keep them around for the future generations to come. ❤️ photos by @blakethompsonphoto #savesharks
Hawaii daze 🌞 It’s been amazing here! Cannot wait to share more about our trip soon!
I can’t even count how many times I fell and wiped out... I feel like surfing is very much like life. It’s being terrified and excited, falling and getting back up 🔂 Swipe to see how stoked Zion is on his first ride. 🤙 We’ve found a new love... 💙
I’m back 👋 Hawaii is a dream. So grateful to be here and to live each day with the fam watching the sun rise & fall. 🌅 From surfing to swimming with sharks, to meeting amazing kind people & having the best food.. 🦐 Decided to live in the moment and stay off social media for awhile and it’s been the best thing. 🤙