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Suit up 🖤
A jaw dropping experience for Zion as he met one of his favorite super heroes ever, Iron Man at Hong Kong Disneyland! Zion got to be a true hero as he teamed up with Iron Man, Ant-Man and The Wasp to fight against the evil forces of Hydra. 🤓 Zion destroyed so many Swarmbots and got 200,000 points! 😳😂🙌 We all had a blast with all the Marvel experience! Check out a special offer in my IG stories! #AntManAndTheWaspNanoBattle #IronManExperience #AsiaMarvelHub #HKDisneyland
Always leaving @theaiveeclinic feeling refreshed! 🖤 Thank you, @draivee @drzteo! #aiveeleague
Hello, rainy season 🌧 gonna miss summer 🌞
Taking photos with these two has become a challenge 🤣